Love: The Language We All Speak.

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.

- Max Muller.

There is a language that we all speak.

A language that we all understand.

We didn't have to learn it, we are fluent from birth. Although at times we don't practice it, we never forget how to speak it, better still, communicate it.

I say communicate as this universal language transcends beyond spoken words. It is felt.

At first, I wanted to label this language as Peace. Peace changed to Kindness and then Compassion, to Tolerance and then Respect. I paused for a moment and realised that all of these principles share one commonality. They are all streams that flow from the same source... Love.

Throughout my travels, I have heard many languages spoken and often I haven't had the slightest clue what is being said. In these moments it's easy to believe that we have nothing in common with the individual speaking. Our minds will quickly begin to seek the other differences, what this person is wearing, where they live, their beliefs.

Love doesn't care for these differences. Love recognizes that beyond our many differences, every human being has the same needs. Regardless of whether you are a woman born and raised in London or a man whose home is the Amazon Rainforest, you both desire Love. Not so much Love in the romantic sense of the word, Love as in a feeling of deep connection with another.

Recently I traveled with Yvonne, my wonderful and beautiful partner (in case she reads this) to Zadar in Croatia. We stayed in an apartment just outside of the City centre. A 20-minute walk along the curved coast and we would be amongst the hustle and bustle of the Old Town, with ancient cobbled streets full of Street Entertainers and market stalls. If we didn't feel like walking the full way we had another option which would shave 15 minutes off of the trip by cutting the corner- via water.

Small rowing boats, big enough for up to 10 people, that could transport people across from where our apartment was to the old town. There were several men who would row the boats and they took shifts throughout the day

One Boatman in particular who stood out. I never learnt his real name but due to his likeness to the singer, Yvonne and I referred to him as Phil Collins.

'Phil' spoke good English but it wasn't this that set him apart from the other boatman, neither was it likeness to Phil Collins. It was his ability to communicate Love. Before he verbally greeted us, we were greeted with his warm and genuine smile. His eyes shined as he smiled at you and you couldn't help but reciprocate. Each time a person entered his rowing boat, he extended his arm to ensure that they embarked safely. It only took 90 seconds to get across the stretch of water, sometimes 'Phil' would ask us some questions, where we came from, what our plans for the day were. Other days he just smiled as he safely delivered us to the other side of the Harbor. Regardless of how much we spoke, I stepped off the boat feeling the same. I felt as though we had connected, as though we understood each other as if we were old friends.

Being Loving causes this...

This got me thinking. We make a choice, every day, as to how we show up. Although life sometimes seems too much, we feel stretched and exhausted, we can still choose to communicate our universal language of Love. Not only to others but importantly to ourselves too.

In any given moment, we can ask ourselves- what would Love do?

I want you to make a commitment to yourself. That you will choose the path of Love, with yourself and to others. Smile at strangers, practice kindness, forgive easily, give gifts, be patient of others and remember that not only does everyone have their own battles, but that they too want the say as you.... Love.

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