• Rapid Transformational Therapy

    A new and effective form of therapy which uses the most effective elements of Hypnosis, CBT, Psychotherapy and NLP. In this video, award-winning therapist and founder of RTT, Marisa Peer, answers the question, what is RTT?

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    Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots

    - Rumi

    Every habit of Action is run by a habit of Thought.


    If you've tried to change frustrating and self-sabotaging ways of behaving and failed, you'll know this.

    Despite your best efforts, of behaving differently, acting differently, doing things differently, you've still had no success.




    This is because the secret to real, lasting, change is not by doing things differently, but by thinking differently.


    Through Rapid Transformational Therapy I am able to help you to discover the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are really holding you back, before removing them and replaces them with new and empowering ones.


    The process is simple, safe and empowering.


    Where RTT differs from typical Hypnotherapy is Hypnotherapy focuses on just planting new seeds whereas RTT pulls up the weeds (the existing limiting thoughts and beliefs) before planting the seeds (new and empowering beliefs and thoughts).


    RTT stands for:


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    Unlike Traditional Therapy which can last months, even years (sometimes with little success) with Rapid Transformational Therapy people usually see results in only 1-3 sessions.
    RTT is powerful because it uses Hypnosis, which gives us direct access to the subconscious mind, the part of the mind responsible for your beliefs and behaviours. As an RTT Practioner, I have many tools and techniques to use during a session, to facilitate the changes you want to make.
    I have a track record of getting people the results they want, quickly!


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    What makes RTT Transformational is the focus on treating the ROOT causes of issues, not just the symptoms.


    As Marisa says ''Understanding is power and understanding in hypnosis is phenomenally powerful''.


    You can not change what you do not understand.

    After your RTT session, you'll understand the real reason why your issue exists which will be incredibly liberating. Once we've gained an understanding, it's time to install new thoughts and beliefs.


    Rapid Transformational Therapy can help with many different issues, including:


    1.Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and feeling Enough.


    Helping people to build genuine and lasting Self-confidence and self-esteem and to stop doubting themselves. If you struggling to see yourself in a positive light, this type of session is for you.


    This is Vanja's story:


    ''My curious spirit guided me to experience a Confidence RTT hypnosis session with Will. I didn't expect anything and was open to receive. The intuitional messages I have received through our session reminded me of my deepest and purest me as a soul. The simple but powerful suggestion ''What you want wants you'' has melted my resistance between me and my dreams. It was an incredible experience and has shifted my energy completely. A deep thank you, Will, for reminding me of my purpose and to help me melt the resistance instantly''!


    2. Anxiety



    An Issue very close to my heart because of my struggles with Anxiety. I have a great track record of helping people to dissolve unhelpful anxiety and start a new chapter of life feeling secure and calm.

    If you're living with anxiety, a positive change you can make right now is to refer to Anxiety as ''the anxiety'' instead of ''my anxiety''. Never take ownership over something you don't want.


    This is Clive's story:



    I just had to drop you a note.

    Thank you! thank you! thank you!

    I found our therapy session amazing. I brought to you a deep-seated problem for you to help me resolve - anxiety. You took lots of time to understand me and you did this brilliantly. Through extremely skilful and empathetic handling you got to the root cause of my anxiety. Nobody else has ever, ever been able to do this!

    Your approach is wonderful and it has enabled me to put my anxiety in a box - where it belongs, to move on and to experience life positively. I feel happy! I have more energy and a zest for life.

    I listened to your recording just as you asked me to. It was inspirational and caring and I knew you were talking to me, and only me. I felt very special. As a result, I feel so much better, great and dare I say - free".




    3. Unlocking creativity


    Helping creatives such as Writers, Actors, Photographers and Musicians to move past fears and doubts so their creatives ideas can flow and they can put themselves out into the world confidently.


    Sara's story:


    “Will helped me break through some MAJOR creativity blocks in my writing. After my session, I literally couldn’t record the creative writing ideas fast enough! I was amazed at how quickly RTT worked for me, after months of trying to break through the blocks on my own.”


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    Personal, professional and confidential: you are in safe hands.

    I work locally with clients from my home practice here in Trier, Germany and worldwide via Skype/Zoom.

    Speak from the comfort of your own home.

  • Next Steps


    Book Your Free 30-minute Strategy Call

    Your first step is to book your RTT Strategy call (we'll meet on Zoom or Skype) by clicking the button below. This call is no cost.


    Connect for the Call

    During your Discovery session, I want to better understand you and the results you want. You'll learn more about the process and have your questions answered.


    Decide on a Session/Program

    I offer both single RTT sessions and longer programs (see below for more details).

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    I am so thankful that my paths crossed with Will in 2018. Through sessions with Will, I have been able to address specific areas that needed attention to move forward in a positive way in my life. Will has wisdom beyond his years and a kind heart that makes anyone feel comfortable to open up about personal concerns. Every single session I gain something invaluable, making the sessions worth every penny and more. If you are wondering if you should book with Will or not, wonder no more! Just do it and you’ll thank yourself later, I promise.

    - Mollie USA

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy with me - your options.

    Choose to try RTT alone or mix with Mindset & Mindfulness Coaching if you'd prefer a longer program.

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    Single RTT Session



    • Typically between 1.5 - 2 hours
    • Online via Skype
    • Includes a personal audio recording for you to keep forever. 
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    Additional RTT sessions


    per session

    Some Clients choose to have a second or even third session to address separate issues. Additional sessions are available at a lower investment.

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    3 or 6 Month RTT & Coaching program


    From €995


    If there are several areas of your life you'd like help with - a longer program is recommended.