3 Reasons Why You Must Be Your #1 Fan

It's a great feeling to have Fans. The feeling of being supported, when you know somebody has belief in you and what you do. It reminds me of my Sunday League footballing days as a teenager- sliding around on some mud-caked pitch in the rain as my Dad watched and cheered from the sidelines. It didn't matter how I played (often badly- I only really played to give crunching tackles) my Dad would always watch the weekend after. This is what makes a true fan, I believe. Showing up and supporting, Win or Lose.

Although family members, friends, colleagues will often take the role of your fans, there is one person in your life who you need on your side more than anyone else, and the person I'm referring to is, of course, yourself.

Here are 3 reasons why you must be your #1 Fan

1. You are the only promised person in your life.

From Birth until Death, you are the only person who you will spend the whole of your life with. Family, friends, lovers, adoring pets, may come and go. Through the good times and the bad times, you are the only person who will be there consistently and definitely. Beating yourself up when you make a mistake and talking down your successes, doesn't serve you. Make the relationship you have with yourself the most important one in your life.

2.The relationship you have with yourself will determine the relationship you have with everyone else in your world.

How you treat others is a reflection of the attitudes you have towards yourself. Treat yourself with more love, patience,and respect and you'll find you treat others in the same way.

Our External world is just a reflection of our Internal world.

3. People are not always going to like you.


How can someone not like me? your Ego may cry.

The truth is it's impossible to please everyone, you'd live a very exhausting and boring life if you tried to do so and you would still fail. No matter how you live your life, there will be some people who are going to have a problem with you. Not only that, they will have a problem with what you do and how you do it. Accept this. It's Ok.

Don't let the opinions of others determine how you feel about yourself.

How do you become your #1 Fan?

In the same ways that anyone else playing the role would do...

Show up for yourself whether you Win or lose. Be forgiving. Cheer yourself on. Talk kindly about yourself. Celebrate your achievements. Never lose believe in yourself and your potential. Be Proud of who you are and what you do.

Why would you not choose to be your #1 Fan?

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