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3 Mindsets to Motivate Yourself for Success

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It was Leonardo Da Vinci who said,

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.”

Having Coached hundreds of people around the world, his words ring true for me.

The way we think, the beliefs we hold, about ourselves and the world in general, our ''mindset'' are pivotal in life.

In this article I'm sharing 3 Mindsets you can adopt to motivate yourself for Success.

1. The Success-is-my-duty-mindset

Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility

- Grant Cardone.

This first Mindset is all about connecting with your WHY for Success.

WHY you do what you do and WHY your success is necessary.

For the first few years of being in business, I was disconnected from my WHY, my reasons for wanting to succeed. I thought about success as 'good-if-it-happens' deal rather than necessary!

To adopt this mindset, ask yourself:

- What is my WHY? My reasons for getting out of bed in the morning and doing what I do.

- Who is counting on me?

- What impact could my Success have on my life, the life's of those around me and the world in general?

The key to mastering this mindset is to realise your Success (or lack of) affects more people than yourself.

Feel a sense of duty by being mindful of exactly who you is counting on your success.

Feel a sense of obligation and responsibility and you'll find yourself take more action.

Bottom line: your success impacts others.

The Face-my-Fears-mindset.

Everything you want is on the other side of Fear

- Jack Canfield

I believe the most important steps forward we can take are the ones that scare us.

Not only will taking those steps take us closer towards what we want in life, they'll prove we have the strength and resilience to move past fear and take action!

Fear will try and trick you into believe you're weak.

You are more powerful than you could ever realise.

To adopt this mindset, ask yourself:

- If I was fearless, what steps forward would I take?

- How can I live less comfortably and more courageously?

- What if fear was often a sign to move forward rather than backwards?

Bottom line: fear will try it's best to keep you where you are, don't let it.

The Time-is-limited Mindset

The problem is you think you have time - Buddha

I think of death daily.

Not in some morbid or scared way.

Every single morning, I tell myself, ''Will, mate. One day you're not going to wake up. So today is a bloody gift. You have the opportunity, you have the power, and you have the time to move forward today and you may not tomorrow''.

How often have you told yourself, ''I'll do it when the time is right'' or ''one day''.

Understand this, my friend. Life is short. Life is a gift. Stop delaying.

To adopt this mindset, ask yourself:

- If I knew I only had 5 years left to live, how would this knowledge change the way I live?

- What can I do TODAY, to move forward towards the life I want?

- How can I live today as if it were the last day of my life?

Bottom line: live today. Love today. Take action today.

Final thoughts.

What does Success even look like for you?

It's important you're clear on what Success actually means, feels and looks like for you.

I lovingly encourage you to form your own definition of Success. The world will present to you a generic idea of what Success is but it's your own personal definition that matters most.

As always, thank you for reading.

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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