3 Keys to Creating a Breakthrough in your Life

When I was stuck in my early 20's I'd dream of having a Breakthrough.

To wake up one morning to the Sun shining through my window, the smell of freshly cut grass wafting past my nostrils as birds would sing their merry songs. This day never happened.

I stayed stuck for a long time: Anxious, in debt, unconfident, lost.

The whole time I was dreaming of having a Breakthrough, I could have been creating a Breakthrough.

I realise now the power you and I contain in making things, incredible things, happen in our lives.

Including creating a Breakthrough. So whether you are looking for a Breakthrough in your fitness, finances, confidence or something else, the 3 keys I share below will serve you.

As always, don't just read the insights, live them. Commit to them. You've got this...

Get Disciplined, not Motivated.

An important truth we must be mindful of is this... just because we don't feel like taking action, doesn't mean we can't take action. I get asked a lot about how to be more motivated. I usually answer this question with another question, ''What do you believe more motivation will do for you''?

''Well, if I'm more motivated, I'll do what I know I need to do''.

Although this may true, if you think about it, what we really need, to ''do what we need to do'', isn't motivation... it's discipline.

My advice is to forget about motivation. Focus on developing Discipline.

I find a funny thing happens when I behave in a disciplined manner, after a while I become more motivated! More discipline = better results = more self-belief = more motivation.

It starts with Discipline.

Change what you Consume.

You and I both know, what we put into our mouths is of huge importance.

But what about our ears?

I'm talking about the impact of the Ideas, messages and words we consume on a daily basis.

Like many children, I was read a bedtime story by my parents. There was always a happy ending. I'd fall asleep feeling safe and loved. For adults, we don't end our days on such a high.

We check Emails late into the night, tying us to our work problems.

We watch the late night news, where well-dressed reporters greet us with ''Good evening'' before telling us exactly which it isn't a good evening, sharing stories of War, doom and disaster.

We scroll aimlessly on Social Media, glancing into the ''perfect'' lives of others and feeling crap about ourselves. No more happy endings. We consume largely negative, fear, shame and lack inducing messages.

To create a breakthrough in our lives, we must change what we consume.

I haven't read a newspaper in over 7 years. I find it no coincidence that at the time my anxiety was at it's highest was also the time I was reading newspapers daily, consuming negative story after story.

Instead, I read self-help books and Blogs. I listen to inspiring podcasts and interviews. I watch documentaries that interest me. Sure, the important news of the world still reaches me, but I don't actively pursue it. I choose instead to consume what makes me feel good.

Change the way you view yourself.

Dr Joe Dispenza says ''a new personal reality requires a new personality''.

What if who we believe ourselves to be (based only on the past) was nothing more than a story?

And what if, we can re-write those stories?

In order to create the breakthrough you want in life right now, who do you need to become?

Perhaps you need to become, behave and view yourself as being more Courageous. Perhaps someone who is in control of their Finances. Or maybe someone who demonstrates incredible Self-Discipline.

However you need to view yourself, behave like this person today.

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