How Was Your 2016? 21 Questions To Reflect On Your Year

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With only a few more days left of 2016, now is a time for reflection. People across the world are pondering the question, 'how was my 2016'? I've been asking myself this important question over the last few weeks as I reminisce on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2016. I've put together 21 questions I feel will serve you in reflecting on your year, creating a clear picture of the last 12 months.

  1. If you were to summarize 2016 in only one word, what would it be?
  2. When was I most happiest? 
  3. What was my biggest achievement? 
  4. What skills, habits, characteristics contributed towards my successes? 
  5. What was my biggest challenge this year?
  6. Looking back at how I faced the challenge, what can I learn about myself?
  7. What kept me motivated when times got tough?
  8. What skills have I improved?
  9. What areas of my life have improved?
  10. What areas of my life haven't improved?
  11. When was I showing up at my best?
  12. When was I showing up at my worst?
  13. What were my biggest distractions in 2016?
  14. How is my life better now than at the start of 2016?
  15. What dreams or actions did I procrastinate on?
  16. Who inspired me most this year? 16a. How did they inspire me?
  17. What were my personal and professional highlights of 2016?
  18. Who do I need to thank for being there for me throughout the year?
  19. What happened this year that you feel grateful for?
  20. What is the best piece of advice you'd been given in 2016?
  21. If you could rewind back to 1st January 2016, what would you do differently?

I hope the above questions serve you. I'd love to know your insights from answering them, feel free to comment or send me a private message at

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