Forget Happiness, Aim for Joy.

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''Will, I've started to work on myself but still don't feel any happier''.

It's odd but I believe the pursuit of happiness can often bring about MORE unhappiness.

How come?

The act of chasing, striving towards a goal, believing it will make us happy ONCE we have it (and keep it) - becomes a form of suffering.

Meaning we can fall into the trap of feeling happy when things are seemingly going well but become instantly unhappy at the first sign of ''negativity''.

The problem is - happiness implies unhappiness, in the same way black implies white. Good implies bad.

There is no escaping unhappiness!

Instead of pursuing happiness, I suggest this...

Keep your eyes open to the Joys of life.

What's the difference between happiness and joy?

Happiness is shallow. Temporary. Fleeting.
We may feel happy for a while after we achieve a goal, for example.

Joy is deeper.
Always available - if only we're present enough.

Joy is savouring a hot cup of coffee.
Joy is hearing a baby laugh for the first time.
Joy is seeing the sunset or watching the raindrops trickle down the outside of your window on a grey & miserable morning.

The best thing is - Joy exists EVEN when you don't feel happy.

You can be in a stressed, disappointed, unhappy state and still notice and feel joy.

That's something to feel joyful about today, isn't it?

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