3 Tips for Mindfulness (without meditation).

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A common mindfulness problem I hear is this:

I've started to meditate regularly but I still don't feel I'm getting the benefits.

It's true.

Meditation & mindfulness can help you to live a more focused, calmer, and joyful life.

However - meditating for a set amount of time per day may not be enough to fully reap the many benefits mindfulness brings. Even if someone has a positive 20 minute meditation, what about the other 1,440 minutes of the day?

In my eyes, that's another 1,440 opportunities to be mindful. To become present. To breath fully.

To get off of auto-pilot and away from our (often negative) unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviours - and step into the shoes of our true self: conscious awareness.

Easier said than done, right?

Which is why I'm sharing 3 simple tips you can implement immediately to live more mindfully.

Many people are alive but don't touch the miracle of being alive

- Thich Nhat Hanh

1. Create Reminders.

If you have an important appointment coming up, what do you do?

You write it down somewhere to remind you!

If living more mindfully is important to you - take action and start to create daily reminders.

You could write reminders on post-it notes. Perhaps the word ''breath'' or '' be mindful''.

Think about what words would work best for you. What would they include?

Once you've clear on them, create & dot these reminders around your home or work space.

Alternatively, you could set up silent alarms on your phone that pop up with words.

Another effective way.

2. Stop multi-tasking.

We live in a society that rewards us for busyness and productivity.

This can push us into multi-tasking and focusing on too many things at once.

To live more mindfully, get into the habit of doing one thing at a time.

If you're doing the dishes - don't be listening to the radio whilst video chatting with your best friend - just be doing the dishes!

Give the dishes your full attention.

Feel the temperature of the water. Listen for the splashes. Smell the fragrance of the washing up liquid.

Even something as mundane as washing dishes can become strangely satisfying when you do it mindfully.

Just imagine how much more satisfying other elements of life can be when you bring your full attention to them.

3. Use problems to jolt you into mindfulness.

Think about how many times per day things do not go to plan or how you'd like them to go.

A moron driver pulls out in front of you even though there's literally NOTHING behind you.

You receive an email from the Boss that sends you heart racing. You're leaving the house, it's raining hard and you remember you lent your umbrella to a friend. Or you just wake up just feeling a bit meh.

Most people go into auto-pilot mode in such moments.

Reacting, often in unhelpful ways that cause more pain.

Instead of reacting - which is automatic and driven by emotion - respond.

Choose to respond to life's challenges with mindfulness.

Try not judge the situation. Accept the situation for what it is, in the moment.

With practise - problems, difficult people, troublesome thoughts & feelings can all become triggers to become mindful.

So instead of hating yourself for lending the umbrella to your friend and angrily running through the rain to your car: stand for a moment and admire the way the rain hits the pavement.

Breath in and out slowly, noticing the smell of the rain. Be grateful that you have the time to be present.

You may even close your eyes.

And just listen as a wave of calmness washes over you.

This is what mindfulness is all about.

And you know what's best of all?

Every moment.

EVERY moment, is an opportunity for mindfulness, including, right now...

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