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Guest Blog written by Javier Rodriguez of PNL for Life.

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“And now... close your eyes... take a deep breath... and relax... as we are about to begin a beautiful journey into the universe... into the infinite... into your unconscious mind...”

It is incredible to think that everything we do, we do it in a conscious state. But actually, we can only be conscious of seven parts of information the world throws at us. You may be aware of this very moment, aware of the words you are reading right now, aware of the sound of your environment, aware of the fact that you are awake...

 And now: are you aware of how many heartbeats you made in the last hour? 

How many blood cells did you need the last minute? Just to keep you alive! 

How much strength was required in your hand the last time you grabbed a glass without breaking it? 

Are you aware how those images inside of your head recalling the last time you grab a glass just popped in, as you were reading the last question?

All of that is part of the miracle of the unconscious mind; of that “divine being” living inside of you!

Our bodies, our lives, our very thoughts- all governed by the unconscious mind!

So, it´s not surprising that, in order to make a change, a really deep change, in any part of your “being” it must come from within, from your unconscious mind.

The path? Hypnosis.

Now, don´t get me wrong on this... Hypnosis is not just about being “asleep” whilst a Hypnotherapist “makes you do or say” things that you wouldn´t choose to do.

Hypnosis, the way I personally see it, is a guided meditation; a relaxing exercise where the conscious mind is distracted in order to speak and connect with your unconscious mind.

The best way to reprogram your brain, your body and change your beliefs.

On my first day on the “Hypnosis and Persuasion Seminar”, I learned to identify limiting and negative beliefs and how this has a great impact on our daily behavior, without even knowing or being “conscious” about it. The instructor, who is also my mentor, taught us how to “collapse” these beliefs by replacing them with other more powerful and positive beliefs. Through a simple process (hypnotic ritual) where you really connect with your “being” through positive and powerful emotions, repeating the new beliefs with strength and conviction over and over again. The rest of the day while we all were in “trance” the seminar crew kept “speaking” to our unconscious mind with more powerful beliefs.

By the third day, I had already worked on and changed six old negatives beliefs by installing six new and empowering ones and it was just a matter of time for my mind to create a congruent behavior and start acting according to these new beliefs.

Also, I had learned how to create an “induction” in other people, where I guide them in a meditation while they are in trance, to start to “install” whatever belief or resource they wanted. The process is very simple: the induced person is either sitting or lying with a peaceful posture and the inductor is near talking and guiding this person with powerful phrases and beliefs; the outcome is flawless!

On the last day I had learned, not only to “induce” other people but to induce myself; to connect with my “divine being” through my own language and very powerful and positive emotions, with, what I like to call, an “affirmation ritual” where I install whatever powerful belief I want to anchor on my mind, trusting that the response of my unconscious mind will be translated in behavior.

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for healing ourselves on a deep level, healing the mind and also the body, as every cell of your body responds to the way your mind's dialogue.

Hypnosis is very powerful when it is used for good when is used to create new positive beliefs when is used to connect with the divine being living inside of each and all of us.

For me, discovering Hypnosis has been a life changing experience because everything I thought I knew about myself turned out to be just the surface, compared with the universe living inside of us. I learned that we are all connected with each other; I learned that we are all infinite!

And now... as you are there... reading these words... feeling the weight of your body... everything starts to make sense to you...

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