Lost In Italy And Hugging Strangers

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Last Sunday afternoon, I was terribly lost whilst wandering the streets of Florence. I'd followed my feet along cobbled streets for nearly an hour, clueless as to whether or not I was heading back in the direction of the apartment. Eventually, I found myself in a familiar looking square and breathed a sigh of relief. Hmm, something didn't look quite right.

Scattered across the square was dozens of smiley people- old, young, male, female, trim and tubby, all stood with hand-written signs with FREE HUGS written boldly. I stood on the sidelines of the square, realizing there was no turning back once I entered the territory of the huggers, It would be awkward to refuse. My choice was clear: walk around the square and ignore what was happening or step into this unusual space of love and connection.

Now, of course, I choose the latter and enjoyed a nice hug and a chat with several of the people taking part in the project. I walked away with a smile on my face, feeling connected and grateful for ending up in the square. It occurred to me that perhaps I wasn't lost after all and was exactly where I needed to end up? Who knows?

What was fascinating to watch, wasn't so much the people who agreed to the hugs, but the people who said NO. The majority of people, who walked past the open armed huggers, refusing a moment of connection with another being.

Why is that? I thought to myself.

Without mind-reading, it's impossible to tell why someone would say no and it's not for me to judge either way. That being said, there was one woman in particular who was a 'hug-refuser' and intrigued me. As she approached the border of the hugging square, she awkwardly smiled, placed her hand in the air to signal a no and continued on her way. Although her body language was signaling no, her eyes told a different story. 

Her eyes were Screaming YES.

YES, I'd love Hug!

YES, I'd love to, just for a moment, feel a little love. This saddened me, there was a part of this woman who was screaming out for some Love, even for a few precious seconds. She denied herself this...

I wanted to write this today to remind you, we all deserve Love, We all are Worthy of Love, especially you. Don't deny yourself moments of Love <3

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