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Don't End Up Like The Frog- Get Uncomfortable! 

Comfort is everywhere. Look around the next time you go shopping and you'll see Comfort being sold to you in the form of; extra snug shoes, fast food and furniture. The message is: Comfort=Happiness. We see this in the smiling, beautiful faces of the models as they take a bite of their Big Mac and as they fall into the luxurious leather Sofa. We're being sold the Emotion of Comfort. And why not? Who doesn't love feeling comfortable!

There is nothing wrong with seeking comfort, we all desire it. I love my bed as much as you do and it's a struggle for me too to leave it on those cold Winter mornings. Too much comfort however and we're on the path to disappointment, laziness and existing, rather than living.

Did you ever hear the story about the Frog in hot water?

There was an experiment in the 19th Century where they tested a Frog's response to be being placed in a pan of water. One time, the water was boiling hot and the Frog was dropped inside the pan.

As you can imagine, the Frog didn't hang around for a bath and immediately jumped out. Another time, the Frog was placed in Cold water and this time, it was slowly heated up. The Frog boiled to Death.

What does this show? Comfort is a slow killer.

I don't want anyone to have the same fate as the Frog so I'm suggesting an alternative way of living that ensures higher levels of energy, a sense of adventure and fulfillment.

Get Uncomfortable!

For me, an uncomfortable situation is one where I'm experiencing equal amounts of Excitement and Nerves. In the moment, things may be tough but in the long run, it will worth it. I'm being stretched (in a good way).

In the Coaching world we call this The Stretch Zone.

Comfort Zone activities are familiar and un-challenging

Stretch Zone activities are those that, although uncomfortable, benefit us and leave us feeling accomplished.

Panic Zone activities are those that are too big of a step and fill us with panic.

I believe that as Children, we spend the majority of our time living in the Stretch Zone. Every day we are learning new words, learning new ideas and saying YES to life. It doesn't matter if we haven't played game before, we give it a go and quickly learn.

Just think back to Childhood, the energy and enthusiasm we had, for EVERYTHING. Living in the Stretch Zone gave us energy, curiosity and a hunger to learn and grow.

I want to invite you to reconnect with that feeling. 

This June, make a commitment to yourself that you will live life in the Stretch Zone. 

Say YES to opportunities that come your way, take that class that you're always talking about taking, pick up that instrument that you used to play, have that difficult conversation that you've been putting off. The possibilities are endless as to what you can create.

If I can serve you by creating an Action plan that has you leaning into the Stretch Zone more, lets arrange a time for us to speak. Reach out to me and we'll arrange a free a call for the near future.

Be Extraordinary,

With Love, Will

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