• Pauline's Story...

    ''So I have come to the end of coaching with Will. I had a huge limiting belief that I wasn't good enough. I can honestly say it's gone. I no longer stop and doubt my abilities, now I focus on how strong I am. I'm more confident, I have this feeling in my stomach! I take chances, I take action, it's like you've taken the doubt away. Thank you so much for your time, focus and unique way of helping me through my challenges''.

  • New Year 4-Week Kickstarter Coaching

    Giving you the Solid Foundation needed to make 2019 your best year... ever!

    Are you ready and willing to make 2019 your best year ever?
    Want a solid foundation to kickstart your year and set yourself up for Success?


    Me and my Client, Michael, whose Photography Business I have helped to kick-start. (He has tripled his income since working with me). Read his full testimonial below:

    The New Year 4-week Kickstarter Coaching program has been crafted to do just that. I'm giving you the Clarity, Confidence, Skills, Strategies, Habits and Mindset needed to break through to the next level.


    If you are an Ambitious Professional or Entrepreneur who is hungry to discover what is really possible in the coming year, this is for you...


    To your Success,

  • The 4-week Program


    Week 1: Your Vision for 2019

    In this first session, you'll get crystal clear on your Vision for 2019. Exactly what you want to have, do and be in the year ahead. From this vision, we'll craft your goals and you'll be shown how to organise your goals on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.


    Week 2: Your Success Habits

    John Dryden said ''we first make our habits, and then our habits make us''.

    In this second session, we'll explore your current habits before clarifying the habits required to get you to where you want to be. You'll discover how to create powerful and permanent habits in your life, based on the latest habit research.



    Week 3: Your Success Mindset

    I want you to have bullet-proof confidence, an unshakeable belief in yourself and your Vision, and strong self-discipline muscles. You'll learn The 3 Rules of the Mind and how to program your mind for Success.


    Week 4: Your Success Strategy

    In this final session, you'll leave with clear and effective strategies for creating your vision and achieving your goals. I'll show you how to organize your time, energy and actions so you can move forward confidently!

  • Thea's Story...

    ''Working with Will is one of the best decisions I've ever made. During my time working with him, I've become clearer about what I want in my life, who I really am and – most important point – which steps I can take to become this version of myself. During the coaching sessions, we develop a clear picture of what I want and the best possible ways to move forward.! It is great being understood and encouraged in what my heart beats for. Will is able to see people's potential, feel what is helpful right now and lead you there''.

  • What's Included

    All that's included in your 4-week Kick-starter Program

    4 x 60-Minute Coaching Sessions

    Session will take a place at a time that suits you (booked via my online calendar).

    We can speak via Skype, telephone (if you are UK based) or in person (if you are Trier/Luxembourg based).

    Ongoing Email Support & Accountability

    You are invited to ''pick-my-brains'' in between sessions.

    I can also provide you with ongoing accountability throughout January so you are held accountable to your intended actions.

    Detailed Session Notes sent to you after each Call

    I'll send you detailed notes of all we discussed during the session, plus any other resources I feel will support you.

    Printable PDF's created to support you

    You'll gain access to several printable PDF documents to help you plan your days, track your actions, and stay motivated.

  • Wil's Story

    My former client, Wil Becker, recommends me as a Coachh.

  • What's the Investment?

    The New 4-week Kickstarter Coaching Program is valued at £599.


    Places on this new program are strictly limited so if you're ready and committed to kickstarting your Success in 2019, click the button below to join.


    Ask yourself: How much would it be worth to you...

    To have CLARITY about what you want in 2019?

    To have a Successful SYSTEM for creating that?

    To have HABITS successfully ingrained?

    To understand how your mind REALLY work and how to program it?

    To discover what is REALLY possible?

    To have me in your corner, CHALLENGING you and providing accountability?


  • Gareth's Story:

    ''Working with Will has been great for me. He approaches his work with heaps of enthusiasm and it rubs off. Will has a talent for challenging and asking questions that eventually lead to the "Ahh Eureka" type insights about you or your situation''.

  • Join now for just £249

    Your future self will thank you...