Where There Is A Wheel, There Is A Way

This Tuesday was an incredible day for me as I presented my first ever webinar...

After a few weeks of preparation, I woke up eager and excited at 5am to jump online at 6am and present 'The 5 Steps to navigating yourself towards Success'.

The 5 steps are my own personal essentials based on my Successes (and Failures) plus the findings from the past 5 year's worth of Personal Development studies. 

Success has patterns. It leaves clues.

My presentation was to members of my favourite Facebook group named 'The Soul Lounge for Entrepreneurs' whose members reside all over the globe. Join the community here:


Today I want to share Step #1: Awareness.

I believe Awareness is crucial in achieving both our Personal and Professional goals.


Awareness is having clarity on how things are right now and also how things would look if they were ideal.

In others words, where are you now? and where do you want to be?

Awareness is like locating yourself on a map and locating the destination that you want to reach. Without Awareness we lack direction.

One of the simplest but most powerful tools for creating awareness is called 'The Wheel of Life'.

All you will need to complete this exercise is a pen, a sheet of paper and some time alone where you can reflect.

Draw a circle. Draw lines go through the centre of the circle so you have split it into 8 equal slices.

Each slice represents a certain area of your life. I suggest the following areas although you can change them depending on your priorities or alternatively split your circle into more slices to consider more areas of your life.

My suggested 8 areas are:




Friends, family


Personal Development

Fun and recreation

Physical environment

For each area, consider what number you would score it out of 10, based on how things are right now. With 10 being perfect, 0 being the worst. Once you have a number, draw a line across the slice to represent it visually. I've drawn out an example below.

broken image

Now you have completed this, what do you notice?

What areas are looking good?

What are you not paying attention to?

With this new found awareness, you can look at each area individually and ask, what would a 10 look like? What would be happening in order for it to score as a 10?

The next stage is to take the areas that are the lowest and to consider what you need to change in order to increase the number.

This tool is a great way of slowing down and taking stock.

Why not make it a habit of completing the Wheel of life at the start of each month? You can compare the scores from previous months and identify which areas are the biggest priority for the month ahead.

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