In a Funk? Here are my 3 go to Actions.

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Are you in a bit of a Funk at the moment?

It's okay if you are. Life can get overwhelming at times.

We all go through periods when our energy and mood is lower.

In this article, I'll be sharing with you the 3 go to Actions that help to pull me out of a funk.

1. Stillness and silence

The first step I take when I notice I'm feeling in a bit of a funk is to create some stillness and silence.

In the past, I've tried to distract myself from my low mood by trying to be as busy as possible. Sometimes, this works in the short term. Sooner or later, however, the funk becomes inescapable.

So what I do now is purposefully sit down and close my eyes (for at least 20 minutes). I do this for two reasons.

Firstly, to observe my thoughts and feelings. I become a detective, getting to the root of how I feel and why I'm feeling in a funk. I may retrace the events of the last few days and weeks to see if any events or people may have triggered the funk. I personally find it helpful to distinguish the different emotions I'm feeling because each funk period is different. Sometimes I feel plain tired and in need of rest. Other times I feel flat and disappointed. Begin by taking a few slow and deep breaths before observing your thoughts and feelings in order to distinguish how you're feeling.

A second reason to create stillness and silence is because as a byproduct of doing so and observing our thoughts and feelings, often, we'll begin to feel a little better. By sitting down and facing the funk, it's an act of acceptance, and even if we're experiencing some strong emotions such as grief or depression, with acceptance comes an undertone of peace. We're saying to ourselves, ''right now I feel bad, and that's okay''. Which is always a better option than feeling bad for feeling bad, shaming ourselves or responding without self-compassion.

2. T-t-take a cold shower

My next go to action when I'm in a funk is to take a cold shower.

It's believed taking cold showers has some good health benefits including improving immunity and promoting circulation. That's all well and good but that's not why I do it. I choose to take a cold shower when I'm in a funk to get me super present and to remind me of my resilence.

At first, the cold shower is not fun.

You'll be tempted to step away from the stream of bitterly cold water or to crank the water temperature back up to warm. Don't. Stick with it. It'll be worth it when you step out of the shower feeling like a champion.

For me, the experience of the cold water hitting my body really ''wakes me up''. I mean this physically (a cold shower will certainly wake me up if I'm feeling sleepy) but I also mean this spiritually.

There's something mysteriously powerful about choosing to step under a stream of cold water. It's almost as if it washes away some of the negative thoughts or feelings and I'm left feeling very aware and present.

Above making you feel present, a cold shower will remind you of your resilence. It will remind you that you have more inner strength than you may feel or think.

This reminder is priceless when in a funk, right?

3. Create a plan.

Once out of the shower, dry and dressed, I create a plan of action.

The first question to ask if this... What is in my control?

Sometimes in life, there is very little we can do to make a situation better.

In these moments, we just have to remind ourselves of our Responsibility, our ability-to-respond.

Because although we can't always choose the events of our lives - with awareness, we can choose how to respond.

Others times, we do have more control in the situation and there are clearly definable action steps we can take to transcend the funk and get back on track. It's important to write down your action steps and ideas down and not keep them in your head. Writing your action plan down somehow makes your plan more concrete and you'll feel a greater sense of control.

If you feel there are actions you can take to transcend the funk but you're not sure what they are, get some perspective. Speak to someone you know and trust who will listen to you non-judgementally and help you to create your plan.

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