What You Need to Know about Your EXCUSES

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Does this sound familiar?

You get excited about making a change, you're motivated, you're pumped... for a few days... until you revert back to your old ways. If I asked this question to a room full of people and asked people to raise their hand if this sounded familiar, I'd expect to see a lot of hands.

Whether it's committing to going to the gym or saying Yes to a new opportunity, the initial moment feels great. This is because when we say Yes to something we believe will bring us pleasure in the future, our brain rewards us by releasing a neurotransmitter called Dopamine that is believed to cause the surge in motivation we experience.

Sadly, our Dopamine levels return to normal and soon after it can feel like a tug of war between our Reasons to Change and our Excuses to stay the same, too often we listen to the voice of Excuses.

#Tip- to feel instant motivation toward completing a bigger task, complete a super small action. If it's going to the gym, simply pack your bag. Completing this smaller task will cause a release in Dopamine spike which will spur you on to go to the gym.

It's this Tug of War that can cause us a great deal of Stress.

Do I go the gym?
Do I start to write that book?

Do I say Yes to working with the Coach?

Do I go for the promotion?

Do I go traveling?

Do I just go for it?

What I'm sharing with you know is a nifty little perspective changer I learned from Kyle Cease.

Kyle opened my eyes to this Idea... what we see as our Excuses to say No are actually Reasons to say Yes.

Let me show you what I mean...

Barry (my fictional friend) will help me to make my point.
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Barry wants to go the Gym. He doesn't.

Excuse: 'I'm too tired'.

Turning the excuse into a reason, we could look at it like this, Barry is tired so therefore needs to go the gym in order to get in shape and have more energy.

Hmmm, interesting.

Barry wants to work with a Coach. He doesn't.

Excuse: 'I don't have the money'.

Turning the excuse into a reason, we could look at like this. Barry has less money than he would like therefore he needs to invest in a Coach who will help him see his value so he has the courage to apply for a promotion and get the money he deserves.

Hmmmm. How might this way of thinking change things?

One more. Barry wants to write a Book. He doesn't.

Excuse: 'I don't have the time'.

Turning the excuse into a reason, we could look at it like this. Barry has less time for himself than he would like therefore he needs to write a Book, in order to create passive income which will allow him to work less and spend more time doing what he loves.

You see, it's all about Perspective.

Think of what Success looks like for you, what would you like more of in your life?

Write down all the excuses, what has stopped you so far from creating it so far.

Looking at your 'excuses' how many of these can you turn into Reasons?

How does that change things for you?

If you now have more reasons than excuses, what is really stopping you from saying Yes?

You can also use this quick tool in-the-moment, when a mental tug of war begins in your mind.

Turning your excuses into reasons may just be what you need to tip the scales and move into Action.

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