What To Do When You're Feeling Unmotivated?

BEEP BEEP. Your alarm goes off. It's a Winter's morning and it's still dark outside. You battle with yourself between staying in the warm, cosy Bed or placing your toes upon the cold floor and starting your day. Just 5 minutes you tell yourself. Alarm reset. BEEP BEEP. Another 5 minutes...

We've all had days like these. I do, I'm sure you do and I bet even the Queen says ''Screw it Philip, I'm staying in bed today''.

But what can we do when we really need to feel motivated, when we can't afford to hit the snooze button and it's time to be a responsible adult? Here are five tips:

1. Consider the consequences of you not completing the Actions.

Ask yourself: what will it cost me if I don't take this action? What motivates you more, pleasure or pain? For some people, imagining the pleasure of achieving a goal is a great motivator. For others, imagining the pain of not achieving a goal is stronger. Consider both questions and get a feel for your preference. Make use of this new found awareness and question yourself when you're feeling unmotivated.

2. Change your expectation. 

If you are feeling unmotivated about something, in your mind you are making a negative association and therefore experiencing a negative emotion: perhaps dread, a low mood, lack of enthusiasm. What opportunities exist in what needs to be done? What are the positives? How can you get excited about what you need to do? Change your perception to see a different story in your head. Go a step further by visualizing yourself taking the action and be EXCITED about it.

3 Make a call. 

Share how you're feeling with someone. Some who you know will motivate and inspire you to complete the action. Be held accountable to them and ask them to check in with you at a later time. When we are held accountable to completing an action, we are more likely to complete it.

4. Move your body.

Get the energy moving inside of you! Dance! Jump up and down on the spot. Play a piece of music that really gets you going, perhaps a piece of music that you have a strong emotional connection with, a song that reminds you of a great time in your life. How we use the body affects our thoughts and in turn how we feel. If it's usually in first thing in the morning that you feel unmotivated, move your alarm to a different part of your Bedroom or outside the door. This will force you to get up and moving!

5. Consider why you are feeling unmotivated. 

Is it just one of those days or do you feel genuinely unhappy with your situation. If it's the latter, ask yourself whether or not you need to make a change.

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