The Power Of Pride

Pride- a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of one's close associates, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.​

I think Pride gets a bad rap, associated with his cousins Arrogance and Vanity. When in truth, Pride really isn't a bad guy at all...

I had an intense moment of Pride earlier this week and upon reflection it was a pride 'Double-whammy' as my feeling was a result of a student's Pride. The emotion was shared.

I was on a tutoring call, supporting a student online for the first time. At the start of the lesson I had asked the girl, 'What is that one topic in Maths that you dread the most, that one thing you just can't get your head around'?

After a moment of thought she replied, 'Percentages- questions where I have to work out the sale price of something after a reduction'. I thanked her for being honest with me and we began to work together.

I showed her an example and explained each step as I answered the practice percentage question, before inviting her to complete some questions on her own. She was hesitant at first but with a little encouragement, she answered the Question, perfectly.

The taster session came to an end and I asked whether I could have a word with mum. As my student's mum arrived I heard my student say Four words that for me, scream pride.

''Look what I did''.

I could hear the pride in her voice as she uttered the words quickly and with energy.

Just four, simple, words but full with emotion and significance. My student had achieved something that she previously struggled with and she, deservedly, felt great about it! Having facilitated this, I too felt this warm and peculiar feeling called Pride.

This moment inspired me to consider my proudest moments, moments when I was beaming ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat.

I pondered for a while but there was just one event that my mind will continually arrive at as my 'proudest moments'.

These moments happened on one specific day, from School years 3-6, during Primary School...

My happiest days were in Primary School, I attended Paddock Wood Primary School in Kent and I absolutely loved it. Although I was short, tubby with a round face topped with Ginger hair, I never experienced bullying. My memories of my time there are extremely fond, full of laughter, fantastic teachers and friends.

Each year, there was one day that, to me, was the most important day in the calendar.

During the days leading up to the School breaking up for Summer, parents would be invited into School to meet with your teacher and discuss your progress. I remember sliding out my plastic yellow drawer from my desk and carrying it out into the Summer sunshine before sitting on the playing field with my Teacher and parents. My work was attentively displayed on the Grass for my Mum and Dad to go through, exploring what I had learnt, thumbing through all of my books and folders. It was like a private exhibition to showcase each student's work.

The specific details I can't remember too well: for instance, I can't remember what words were exchanged between my Teacher and parents.

What I do recall however is this bursting feeling of Pride.

I felt important.

My parents had taken time off from work to come and see what I had been learning at School.

This feeling lasted the whole of the Summer holidays and was still alive at the start of each School year, fueling me to try my best.

Pride was the petrol and Success my highway.

Every time I visit my Primary School, I'm greeted with those warm feelings.

Pride is such a Powerful state, it gives you strength, fills you with energy and floods you with Self-Belief.

If I can achieve this, what else is possible?

What else am I capable? What is my full potential?

I'm so grateful to have attended a Primary School where they focused so much on celebrating the achievements of each and every student.

Over to you:

What is your number 1 proudest moment?

What Extraordinary things have you achieved in your life?

What challenges have you overcome that you feel good about?

Spend some time considering these questions and really allow yourself to relive those memories and reignite those emotions.

We spend some much time worrying, regretting, complaining. Give yourself this time to feel Proud. You deserve to. We all do.



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