The Magic of Walt Disney's Creative Thinking Technique

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I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter. - Walt Disney

Growing up in the 90's, Walt Disney's movies were a large part of my childhood. A sense of magic blossomed as the opening titles played.

Walt Disney's movies would whisk me away from reality for 90 minutes and into the maddest, adventurous, wonderful worlds, full of fantastic characters and gripping stories.

Nowadays, I admire Walt Disney for the great thinker he was, but I'd be lying if I said I still don't enjoy a screening of the Lion King or Hercules...

A few years ago, I discovered the 'Walt Disney Creative Thinking Technique' and since then, it's served as a valuable tool that's helped both myself and my clients to look at opportunities from all angles. It's said Walt Disney used this technique to decide which of his many ideas he would pursue.

The Technique is simple.

You take an opportunity you'd like to think about to gain some perspective on (for example, I used this with a corporate client recently who had a job offer she was considering).

You consider the opportunity separately from the 3 following perspectives.

The Dreamer

When looking at the opportunity through the eyes of the Dreamer, think in terms of best-case-scenarios, be ultra optimistic and see only the good. Nothing seems impossible for the dreamer. What is there to be excited about the opportunity? What is the best thing that can happen if you said yes?

The Realist

Next, view the opportunity standing in the shoes of The Realist.

Thinking in a very realistic and balanced way, how does the opportunity look?

What needs to be considered regarding the opportunity?

The Critic

Finally, view the opportunity as a Critic, actively picking holes.

What are the negatives? What are the risks? What doesn't feel right about the opportunity?

What I love about the technique is it gives you new insights.

I'm a massive optimist (a Dreamer), always looking for the good, which means I often overlook any threats or disadvantages. You may identify as being a Dreamer too, or perhaps you're on the other end of the spectrum being a Critic.

All standpoints have their positives and negatives, the Disney Technique allows you to try all three and create a more balanced view of your opportunity.

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