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The Importance Of Knowing The Goal Beyond The Goal

''I just don't understand it mate, I can't seem to get motivated at the moment''.

I was on a call with my best friend, a fellow entrepreneur who has left behind the security and comfort of Full-time employment to build his dream business. His business had been going great for him but he'd been struggling with motivation for a few days.

''Tell me more'', I requested.

''Well, things have been going great, I'm exactly where I wanted to be and there's really no reason to be feeling like this, everything that I wanted to happen has happened'', he told me, ''It doesn't make sense''.

''Hmmm, you said wanted''? I questioned. ''So what''?, he replied. ''You said 'wanted', you no longer want to work towards those goals, you already have achieved them''!

Without realising it, he had outgrown his goals. If his goals were a pair of trousers, they would be ankle-swingers by now.

We were quickly able to move forward by discussing 'what was next' or in other words- discover 'the goal beyond the goal'. It was no suprise my friend was unmotivated to work, he had already arrived at his destination, his comfort zone had stretched and now he was standing at the top of the mountain wondering, What now?

Whenever we set a goal, we must ask ourselves:

What is the goal after the goal?

A simple way of doing this is to break down goals into short term, mid term and long term goals. That way we have absolute clarity on each stage of the journey, knowing what the milestones will be along the way and giving us a better chance of remaining motivated.

What is your Goal, beyond the Goal?

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Will Aylward