Not Sure On Your Life's Purpose? Ask Yourself This One Question.

I feel compelled to write this.

Yesterday, I had a 'Moment'. One of those moments that when you're experiencing it, you know that in years to come you will be sharing the story and telling the tale of that moment.

A moment so profound that it changes everything.

I was on a Coaching call, being Coached by London-based Life and High-Performance Coach and all-around legend Tim Mikelj. The Coaching call started as they normally do: 'What is bothering you'? 'What would you like to achieve from today's session'. As a Coach myself I could anticipate what questions he would ask me and prior to the call I already had an Idea of what we could work on during the session.

That was until Tim asked me a question that I hadn't prepared for. Tim sighed and paused for a moment...''Will, if you only had 10 years to live, what would you do with your time''?


I was genuinely stumped, I was tongue-tied, which doesn't happen very often. I repeated the Question to myself in my head and then out loud.


There was a flood of images streaming through my mind. It felt like I was sat in my very own private cinema watching bright and bold images of my future self, projected on a giant screen in front of me.

I composed myself and began to articulate what I could see in my mind. I spoke of starting a Charity. I spoke of changing the Education system in the UK to include more Real-Life relevant topics. I spoke of being a World-class Life Coach serving Great and Inspiring leaders, Innovative Entrepreneurs, Prime ministers and the Game changers.

These visions had been laying dormant inside of me, filed in the cabinets of 'Maybe One day' and 'Once I get to this point'. These visions became ignited and their fires began to burn bright as I stepped into how empowered and excited I felt, imagining the visions becoming reality. What impact I could have on the world, how my actions would be able to help people. 

,These visions are far greater than myself and because of that I feel Fearless.

This one, simple but powerful question had stirred something in side of me:

My purpose.

What I feel I was put on this Earth to do.

The truth is that I don't know whether I have 10 years, 50 years or even a week left of my life. None of us do! There is no time to waste in delaying our goals and vision by treating them as 'One day' goals or 'Once I get to this point' goals.

All we have is Now.

I liken living to being on a Roller coaster (sorry Ronan Keating): there are ups and downs, sometimes it's enjoyable, sometimes it's scary and will bring you to tears. What's important is experiencing it to the Max and making the most of the ride before it judders to an unannounced and sudden stop.

I believe each of us has a Purpose, some reason to why we were put here on this Earth. Only we as individuals can truly know what our Purpose is. This is not something that a Teacher, Parent or Coach can tell you.

We Feel it as it's discovered.

Don't live delaying your dreams and living your purpose, don't wait until an event before stepping into your greatness, don't get to the end of the track to realize you had so much more to give.

So. I ask you. If you knew you only had 10 years to live, what would you do?

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