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My 3 Biggest Lessons from 2018

#1 Life is painful, but it’s beautiful too.

This year, I’ve wept tears of joy and sobbed in grief.

In April, my nephew, Oliver, entered the world. He’s perfect.
The thought of him, ah, brings a smile to my face.
When I was last with him, I was teaching him how to walk (He’s super bright for his young age). Yet, in the few months he’s been in my life, he’s been teaching me a thing or two about this thing called Life. He is Joy personified. Forever smiling, playing and growing.
Sadly, earlier this month my Grandpa died.
He was 83 when he passed so as we say in England ‘’He had a good innings’'.
Grandpa Jeff had Alzheimer’s which I believe is one of the most terrible diseases out there.
In advanced stages of this disease, you really do lose the person you love. In my final few visits seeing him this year, he was physically there but mentally he was gone. Growing up, my grandpa was strong, wise and humorous. In his final few months, he could barely mumble a few words.
This is Life: birth and death. Great pain and great Joy, and everything in between. Experiences that shatter your heart but experiences that lovingly glue it back together again.

#2 The Gremlins are Liars

We all have Gremlins living in our heads.

Gremlins who whisper untruths.
Such as, ‘’you’re not good enough’’ and ‘’that’s not possible’’.
Well, in September I permanently silenced one of my Gremlins and boy, did it feel good. I’ve wanted to write a book for the last couple of years, but a stubborn Gremlin stood in my path shouting ‘’you’re not good enough to write a book’’.
I finally plucked up enough courage to say Screw it, let’s do it and I’m pleased I did, My book has been read by people worldwide. It’s received only 4 and 5 Star reviews on Amazon. Most magical, are the messages I’ve received from strangers telling me how my book Becoming Unstuck has helped them to move forward in their life.
I can only conclude that the Gremlins are Liars.
More really is possible than what we think.

#3 Self-care is a non-negotiable

When I first started writing my book, I pulled a couple of all-nighter-writing sessions. Daily, I drank enough black Coffee to fill a swimming pool. I spent most waking hours, sat at my desk.

After a few days, I was tired, dehydrated and restless.
Sure, I was getting words on the page but at a cost.

This taught me that Self-care has to be non-negotiable. Sadly, it’s Sleep, drinking enough water and exercise that go out of the window as soon as we’re busy and in doing mode but ‘the basics’ are incredibly important.

All the tips, tricks, tools, hacks and strategies in the world won’t help us improve our lives unless we’ve mastered the basics and look after ourselves first.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish you a Wonderful 2019.

I wish you strength to face whatever pain life may throw at you.
I wish moments of pure Joy.
I hope you challenge your Gremlins and achieve your ‘’impossible goals’’.
Lastly, I hope you practice good self-care and look after the most important person in your life, you.
Thank you for reading,
With Love,

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