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Life is about Giving

This morning I walked past a guy called Pete. Pete is in his 50's, doesn't have a permanent address and makes his money busking. He lives in between Germany and Spain, taking his guitar and modest bag of possessions with him each time. Pete is German but speaks near perfect English as the songs he sings are in English: Bob Dylan, Clapton and the Beatles.


I've stopped and spoken to him on a few occasions but haven't seen him in a few weeks. Normally he's very positive and upbeat but today he looked a bit down. Today he was begging. Begging for money, when he normally earns his money with his amazing performances (this guys voice is unreal, raw and raspy). It turns out that he needs new strings and until he gets the money together he has to beg. I gave him 10 Euros. Which is about £7.10. His face was a picture. He hugged me and said that one day he will pay me back. Whether he does or not is irrelevant. He was in need and I was able to help him. I'm not posting this for attention or for praise, i'm posting this to say that we pass people everyday who need our. help, whether it's some loose change or giving them some of your time. When we give to those in need, the message is it the same, 'Someone cares, you are important'.


No one ever lost anything from giving.

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Will Aylward