Interview: Author Filip V Svensson

Swedish born Author, Filip V Svensson tells me about his Book The Miraculous Journey of you.

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Will: Filip, first of all. Congratulations!
Tell me, what was your ''why'', your Inspiration, for writing The Miraculous Journey of you?

Filip: Thank you so much, Will!

It was just something I had to do, which admittedly sounds like something you say when you don’t have an answer.

But I have an answer.

It’s only a little longer than the shorter one.

The reason I chose to write this book and not something else is that for a very long time I was in a very dark place. And when I was at my worst I couldn’t even go and buy food without getting a panic attack so bad that I had to abort mission and just try to get home instead. These were very dark times. The world felt vague. And I wasn’t really there. And there were nowhere else to go. Being trapped in your own mind like this is something I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. It’s a nightmare you can’t wake up from. And I went to see a doctor and he prescribed antidepressants but on the paper citing the side effects, it said ”suicide,” which felt a bit counterproductive. So I decided to try to fix it myself instead. I didn’t know it then but this decision is why I’m writing these words to you now, Will. It was the start of my own miraculous journey. 11 years ago now.

What all this means is that this experience has shown me what life can be. On both ends, so to speak. And now I also know that it’s possible to travel from one end to the other.

And I want people that are on the darker end of life to know this, too.

And believe they can make the journey.

Because they can.

But the only way to truly believe it (which you need to do) is to start making progress, which is why The Miraculous Journey of You gets more practical and hands-on as you read. But it is a journey. And you need all the parts in order to get all of you to where you want to go.


That's so powerful, thank you for sharing. I love the title, how did it come to be?


That makes me so glad to hear! I love it too. And it just came to me. That’s how these things happen, at least for me. When you have gathered enough information and told your mind where you want to go, you let your subconscious cook on it for a while and things come. And usually when I’m either meditating or taking a bath. Which has almost led to a couple of dramatic moments rushing to the laptop straight out of the bathtub. Water and floor are very slippery!

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In your opinion, what do you feel stops us from seeing life as miraculous?


This is very interesting I think, because it touches on the core of personal development and why so many people are averse to it. There is almost a stigma around really believing in yourself; that you can shape your life and create your future. As if confidence has been kidnapped by the 14-year-olds of Instagram posting hollow quotes on green Lamborghinis. And when you combine that with the notion that only crazy people believe in miracles, believing that you yourself is a bit of a walking miracle becomes something only the extra brave can pull off. Like sweatpants in public. When in fact all you have to do to start to seeing life as miraculous is not believing that a thing can happen, and then prove yourself wrong.


Who is your Ideal Reader, who do you feel will get the most value from reading your book?


It is my hope that this book will find itself in the hands of someone thinking ”this is not my life.” For that person, this book can change everything.


Besides reading your book, what else would you advise to someone who wishes to embrace their miraculous journey more?


Understand that the only thing you have to do to make progress is to solve a problem. One. Just pick one. Any problem. And solve it. And then another one. And solve that too. And then another one. It’s just like Matt Damon said about being stuck on Mars, ”You solve enough problems and you get to go home.”


Thank you again for your time and your wisdom! Where can we get copies?


You are most welcome, Will!

It’s sold worldwide on Amazon, just search for The Miraculous Journey of you on your countries amazon website.

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Filip V Svensson is now a BSc. & BA. with majors in linguistics and English literature, and an Entrepreneur, Photographer and Author in constant pursuit of life.

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