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The basics are overlooked.

We make life a lot harder for ourselves than it should be.

Your mind creates your reality.

Why are we not paying attention?

Why are more children not prepared for this life (This here should be more common)?

Think about it for one second.

Your thoughts create your reality.

Take it in. Let it sink in.

So why are we not taught to handle our minds?

All our societal focus is placed on studying specific topics, making money, playing sports, living luxurious lives…

When all we really need is to be at one with ourselves.

Are you bold enough to try out a new system to empower your mind and by extension your life?

Here’s my 3-step challenge to you. Take this bold experiment on and I am sure you won't regret it. SLOW DOWN. Make the time for it. Your mind, and therefore you, will reap all the benefits.

1. Meditate 10 minutes a day when you wake up

o Find some relaxing music to listen to while you meditate (for example this)

o Be silent with your thoughts.

o No distractions.

o No phone.

o No multitasking.

o Just being with yourself and your thoughts.

2. Journal for 10 minutes a day when you wake up.

o Grab a pen and paper.

o Just start writing.

o Throw all your thoughts onto paper.

o Let it all flow out and allow your mind to go where it wants.

o Another cool tool is to go into a future self of yourself, the person you want to become. Journal from that place. Powerful.

3. Practice gratefulness in the morning

o When you wake up – go straight to a place of thinking about all that you have in your life that you love and that you are grateful to have.

o Write down at least 3 things you are grateful for every day

o In your everyday life, instead of finding the negatives, see all that is great and that you COULD be grateful for if you tried to be.

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