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Feeling stuck with a Challenge? Grab a pen and paper and do this...

Feeling stuck-that horrid mixture of helplessness, overwhelm and frustration is exhausting and can really take its toll.

It can be difficult to move forward and come up with a solution when we are so emotionally involved with the challenge at hand.

I have a tool which I know can serve you today.

I'll be honest, when I first discovered this tool, whilst on a Coaching Training weekend, I rolled my eyes. The voice in my head tutted and whispered ''That's way too easy-how can that help'?

Isn't it interesting that we expect difficult challenges to have difficult solutions?

The truth is: the mind loves a bit of drama and will always choose to over-complicate.

The good news is that the mind also LOVES to solve problems. Lets leverage this today!

So here it is, a simple tool which will give you a list of solutions to the challenge you are facing.

It's name? Start/Stop/More/Less

1. On a piece of paper (A4 is fine) write the wordsStart/Stop/More/Less at the top.

2. Bring your challenge to mind.

3. Ask yourself: What could you start to do that will help to move you past your challenge? Write down whatever you think of. It's important not to judge whether something is a good idea or even possible. Continue onto another sheet of paper if needed. The goal is to capture everything on paper.

4. Complete the exercise by asking: What could I stop doing that will help me to move past my challenge?

What could I do more of that will help move me past my challenge? What could I do less of to help move me past my challenge?

By the end of the exercise you will have captured lots of possible steps that you can move you forward and past this challenge.

Remember: You have overcome HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of challenges before in your life, this one too, you will handle.

Accept the challenge and respond as if you had requested it.

In every challenge lies an opportunity to grow.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you found the exercise, feel free to leave me a comment!

If I can further support you, reach out to me at and lets arrange a free and confidential Coaching call. Supporting people in their Success is what I do, learn more about me at

Be Extraordinary,

With Love, Will

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