Answer these 5 Powerful Questions daily to create Direction and Discipline.

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Successful people ask better questions and as a result, they get better answers - Tony Robbins.

Growing up, my mum said to me, ''A good day begins with a good Breakfast''.

As much as I still believe in the importance of starting the day on a full stomach (thank you mum), I've grown to believe a good day begins with a good morning routine.

By asking yourself a handful of quality questions each morning, you'll be able to Coach yourself to creating a sense of direction for the day.

Here are 5 of my favourite Questions to ask myself each morning:

1. What am I grateful for today?

We have so much to be grateful for.

I wrote a piece for TinyBuddha last year called Why we may have already won the lottery of life which contains some mind-blowing statistics showing just how much we have to feel grateful for.
Gratitude helps us to appreciate the good in our lives.
Our health, our homes, our loved ones.
What we focus on expands.
Meaning, the more we focus on gratitude, the more reasons to feel grateful seem to appear before our eyes.
Tomorrow morning, place you hand over your heart and ask yourself ''what am I grateful for today''?
(or do this now and reply with your answers, I'd love to know).

2. What am I excited about today?

Excitement is a powerful state to cultivate.
In my early 20's, I had an office job. I made a curious observation one day...

I was generally in a better mood on a Friday when at work then I was on a Sunday evening when I wasn't working. Even though I had freedom on those Sundays to pass the time how I wanted, I was still happier at work on a Friday.
On Fridays, I was excited for the weekend to begin!
Even though I was physically at work, my mind was thinking about my plans for the weekend, the friends I'd be catching up with for a Coffee and the lunch-time lay in on the Sunday.
Whereas, on Sunday evenings, I was physically away from the office but my mind was imagining the pile of paperwork waiting for me, the angry customers I would have to speak to, and the dreaded beep beep of the Monday morning alarm. I dreaded Sunday evenings.
It's clear then: Excitement is a real mood booster.
By asking ''What am I excited about today''? we are setting a positive expectation for the day ahead and changing our state NOW.
What if there is nothing to feel excited about?
I feel we can always find something, even it's a mid-morning coffee.
But if it's a struggle to feel excited about something, it's only an opportunity to make some changes and create a life that does excite us!
After all, we are just one decision away from a whole different life.

3. What do I not want to do today?

This question comes from my mentor, Marisa Peer.

She noticed successful people have a habit of doing difficult, unwanted, or unenjoyable tasks first thing in the day.

As Brian Tracey would put it ''they eat the Frog''.

This is a great habit which develops Confidence and Discipline.

Imagine crossing off the task you want to do least each day, before lunch time.

Ask yourself, ''what do I NOT want to do today'' and take action.

4. What does Success look like today?

I'm a big believer in having long-term goals.
One of the ways I help my coaching clients is in answering the question, what do I want?

Equally important as long-term goals is a sense of direction on a daily basis.
Being clear on the steps we need to take today, in order to move toward our long-term goals.
When I'm tired, ill, or travelling, I know that Success looks very different compared to when I'm energised, healthy and at my home office. It's important we're kind to ourselves and don't set unrealistic expectations of ourselves.

5. How can I set myself up for Success today?

Benjamin Franklin said ''By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail''.

This question is all about Preperation.
The micro-actions you can take before the bigger, most important actions of the day.
This may look like; tidying your desk so you work effectively.
Having a healthy Breakfast to give you the energy you need.
Turning your phone on flight mode to avoid distractions.
Ask yourself ''How can I set myself up for Success today''? and you'll discover what micro-actions you need to take in order to have a productive and successful day.

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