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8 Great Coaching Questions to Answer When Your Next Steps Aren't Clear

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The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge

-Thomas Berger.

As a Coach, questions are my go-to weapon of choice.

In a session, I'm not there to give advice (this is mentoring, not Coaching).

No, I raise my clients level of awareness, I get the cogs of creativity spinning, I set the fires of imagination alight- and questions are the spark.

Below I share 8 great coaching questions to answer when your next steps aren't clear. Once you're clear on WHAT you want but unsure HOW to get there.

These questions will surely help.

1. What is possible?

What is possible, is a good question to begin exploring your options. Often we can feel pressure to come up with the golden answer right away. What if you were to simply explore your options, without pressure? Don't think about committing to any steps right now, just consider what you could do, by considering what is possible.

2. Who Can I ask for help?

We are never alone. There are people who can help. Becoming aware of who these people are is the first step to reaching out and asking for some help.

3. Who do I know who has achieved what I want and what did they do?

Success leaves clues. We needn't reinvent the Wheel. It's never guaranteed but there's a chance what has worked for others in the past, may just work for you in the future.

4. What is in my control?

A really important question to consider to ensure what we are focusing on is on our control. Byron Katie says there are 3 types of business;

1. My business. 2. Their business. 3. God's Business.

If your goal is to make more money, it's not helpful to hope for the Economy to improve (God's business) or to pray for your Boss to decide to give you a pay rise (their Business). Keep your focus, thoughts, and actions in your business.

5. What would my BEST self tell me to do?

I believe we all have a Best Self.

A self who is creative, intuitive and wise.

Stepping into the shoes of this Best Self, seeing the world through their eyes and thinking how they would think, what would they tell me to do?

That's a powerful question right there!

6. What would an Expert tell me to do?

Similar to the previous question, asking this offers us a fresh perspective but through the eyes of an Expert. Thinking of the specific goals you have for yourself- what would an Expert advise?

7. What is the Smallest Step possible I can take?

When our next steps aren't clear, our goals can seem unreachable like an insurmountable Mountain.

I'm a big fan of starting small, sometimes taking the most -itsy-bitsy-tiny-weeniest- step forward possible. A lot like a Satellite Navigation System, our Intuition will guide us to the next step, but also like a SatNav, we must first get to the end of that first road before we're given our next direction, meaning we must first take an initial step, regardless of its size.

8. If you had all the resources in the world to achieve your goal (time, money, skills, support) what would you do?

This question forces us to think bigger. If you're a struggling business owner and with all the resources in the world your answer is ''Hire an amazing marketing team'', of course, this may not be possible. But using the answer as inspiration, you could sign up for a free marketing course.

So although we may not have all those resources, asking this question can still inspire some answers that can be scaled down to suit our current situation.

Thank you for reading, I'd love for you to tell me, what is your favorite question and why? Leave me a comment and let me know :)

With Love,



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