43 Wondrous Words I Return To When I Catch Myself Procrastinating.

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'Wow, you're a Life Coach, you must always be motivated, right'?

The above assumption is chuckle worthy. The idea that as a Life Coach I live life in a constant state of ACTION, MOTIVATION, and (literally, my least favorite word in the world) HUSTLE.

URGH, my skin crawls at that last one.

I understand why people may have this skewed impression, the title 'Life Coach' does conjure up images of these wise, guru-like, omniscient beings who achieved Enlightenment many moons ago during a 12 week Yoga retreat in India.

Additionally, there are many souls in the world of Personal Development who seemingly share only their highlight reel on social media, sharing only the Good, and keeping the Bad and the Ugly well out of sight. I'll be honest, this was me too a few years ago. I'm sure I'm even guilty of posting a status or two with a #hustle.

Let's be real with each other, we all have good days and bad days. For me, at least, it's an ongoing tug of war between feelings of Order and Chaos, Self-belief and Self-doubt, Action and Procrastination. 

Some days I find myself taking on the world, some days I find myself delaying before retreating onto the sofa to watch Netflix.

I find I procrastinate when I listen to my mind instead of my heart. When I listen to the 'one more episode won't hurt', 'let's start tomorrow' and 'What ifs'.

There are several tools I may turn to when I became aware enough to know I'm procrastinating. Times when I know my heart is yearning for me to take action on an idea I've had, times when my heart says move forwards but my mind says 'nope, we're staying here, mate'.

Often, though, I re-read a quote.

43 words quoting Mark Twain.

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Reading the quote puts my procrastination into perspective.

It reminds me- of the potential, I have, the potential all of us have, to create an Extraordinary Life, whatever that may look like.

It reminds me- it doesn't serve me or the world to play it small.

It reminds me- failures will hurt momentarily, but disappointment from inaction will hurt much more.

It reminds me- life is an adventure.

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