11 Benefits of Working with a Coach

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Coaching has exploded in popularity over the last few years. More and more people are training in Life, Business and Career Coaching and more people are choosing work with a Coach.

Why? What is all the fuss about? What are the benefits of working with a Coach?

Many people say, ‘’I don’t need a Coach’’.

They’re right. I don’t believe anyone needs a Coach.

The bottom line is this.

If you want more from life, you will want to work with a Coach.

Here are 11 Benefits of working with a Coach.

1. You’ll get clearer on what you want in Life. 

Often people will choose to work with a Coach because they’re feeling stuck or at a cross roads in their life, unsure of what they want. A great Coach will help you to find the answers through powerful questions. Once you a clear on exactly what you want in your life, personally and professionally, your Coach will help you to turn your desires into Goals. That’s when the fun starts.

2. You’ll get clearer on what actions will help you to move forward. 

Another big reason why someone may hire a Coach is they already know what they want but they’re unsure how. A Coach will not only help you to discover what those actions are, they’ll help you to organise them and collaborate with you to create a clear and effective plan of action.

4 years ago, I was hired by a wonderful woman who dreamed of quitting her job and opening her own shop. One year after we began our work together, she had quit her job and owned her shop. Step by step, action by action my client moved forward and made her dream a reality.

3. You’ll get clearer on what is holding you back. 

Great Coaches have exceptional listening skills. They understand our words reveal our world. A Coach will help you spot what fears or limiting beliefs are holding you back and help you to move past them. Les Brown said ‘’You can’t see the picture when you’re standing in the frame’’. Your Coach will help you see what you can’t see.

4. You’ll develop better Habits. 

A client of mine here in Germany had been living with Anxiety for many years.

She decided to form some new habits, taking time each morning to meditate and do some Yoga. This habit was life-changing, and her anxiety is now under control. First we make our habits and then our habits make us! A Coach can help you to choose and implement the habits that will serve you best.

5. You’ll believe in yourself more. 

At the end of my time working with a Coaching client, I’ll always ask the question ‘’What have you learned about yourself since our time working together’’?

The answer is always the same. ‘’I can do more than I thought I could’’.

As you move forward and achieve your goals, it’s only natural your Self-belief will grow. Self-belief is priceless because it doesn’t matter how much skill or opportunity someone has, without self-belief, life is a constant struggle. The right Coach will help you to develop phenomenal levels of Self-belief.

6. You’ll develop more Courage. 

Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage. - Maya Angelou

As a result of your Coach encouraging you to take bigger and bolder actions, pushing you outside of your Comfort zone, you will develop more Courage.

With more Courage more is possible than you ever thought possible.

7. You’ll value yourself more. 

Working with a Coach is already a sign you value yourself because it’s a commitment of your time, energy and money. However, when you work with a Coach, you only begin to value yourself even more. Your Coach will help you to set strong boundaries with friends, family members and colleagues, enabling you to communicate your needs and wants confidently. Your self-esteem will grow and you’ll believe nothing is unavailable to you.

8. You’ll become a better time manager.

As we value ourselves more, we begin to value our time better by scheduling moments for working on our goals as well as moments to relax and have fun. Time is our greatest resource because we can’t create more of it. Take control of your time and you’ll take control of your life.

9. You’ll learn new tools for living a better life. 

Whether it’s time management, stress management, communication, confidence or something else you want to improve, the right Coach will have the right tools to pass on to you. Being a Coach allows me to continually grow and learn which only allows me to pass on more wisdom and tools to my clients. It’s important when you’re considering investing in a Coach that they invest in themselves.

10. You’ll feel more Motivated. 

Clients often tell me of the positive changes their friends and family notice. Being more motivated is one of them. It’s no wonder really. Once you’re clear on what you want, start taking action and begin seeing improvements or results, motivation grows.

An important motivation cultivating question I ask is, ‘’What are your reasons for having what you want’’? 

So often our reasons, our WHY, is bigger than just ourselves. My clients want to have a successful career so they can serve their clients even better or they want financial success and freedom so they can provide for their family. Knowing your motivation, your WHY, helps you to keep moving forward.

11. You’ll feel Supported. 

This is what I personally love most about working with a Coach. The feeling of being supported. The feeling of having somebody in my corner. Someone who can believe in me and my dreams. Someone who will encourage and motivate and hold me accountable. We needn’t move forward alone. Working with a Coach will help you to get to where you want to be quicker and easier than you going alone.

This is what my Coaching client, Daniela, had to say about working with me... 

''I have worked with coaches before, but working with Will was a life-changing experience for me. He helped me to focus on what I really want in my life, to set healthy boundaries and get rid of limiting thought patterns. After each coaching call, something inside of me fell into the right place. It almost felt like coming home to the person I really am. Will has an awesome way of understanding people. He never judges and never gives advice. Just by asking the right questions he helped me to find my way to an almost crazy good life. Thank you so much for it, Will! It's amazing how much has changed for me throughout the last three months!”

- Daniela. Germany.

There are, of course, many more benefits to working with a Coach.

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