• Clients share their experience of working with me

    Daniela. Journalist. Germany.

    “I have worked with coaches before, but working with Will was a life-changing experience for me. He helped me to focus on what I really want in my life, to set healthy boundaries and get rid of limiting thought patterns. After each coaching call something inside of me fell into the right place. It almost felt like coming home to the person I really am. Will has an awesome way of understanding people. He never judges and never gives advice. Just by asking the right questions he helped me to find my way to an almost crazy good life. Thank you so much for it, Will! It's amazing how much has changed for me throughout the last three months!”

    Gareth R. Professional. United Kingdom

    Working with Will has been great for me. He approaches his work with heaps of enthusiasm and it rubs off. Will has a talent for challenging and asking questions that eventually leads to the "Ahh Eureka" type insights about you or your situation.

    Thea. Singing Teacher. Germany

    Working with Will is one of the best decisions I've ever made. During the last six months, I've become clearer about what I want in my life, who I really am and – most important point – which steps I can take to become this version of myself. During the coaching sessions, we develop a clear picture of what I want and the best possible ways to move forward.! It is great being understood and encouraged in what my heart beats for. Will is able to see people's potential, feel what is helpful right now and lead you there without ever having given any advice. Wow!

    Pauline. United Kingdom.

    So I have come to the end of 6 months coaching with Will. I had a huge limiting belief that I wasn't good enough. I can honestly say it's gone.

    I no longer stop and doubt my abilities, now I focus on how strong I am. I'm more confident, I have this feeling in my stomach! I take chances, I take action, it's like you've taken the doubt away. Thank you so much for your time, focus and unique way of helping me through the several challenges I had in those 6 months.

    Martine. Healthcare Professional. United Kingdom

    I really appreciate the space and time Will provides for me to focus on myself and for us not only to explore areas of my life which are challenging but also those I'm succeeding in. I feel the way he encourages me to explore things in a way which pushes my boundaries is really helpful and furthermore, Will is sensitive to picking up when I'm being pushed too far.


    The reflection exercises after our discussions encourage me not to just forget what we discussed and carry on with my life but to explore these further with myself and come to a point I hoped to get to.


    I feel my sessions with Will are highly valuable and definitely worthy of the time and money required to invest in them.

    Jessica. Student. United Kingdom

    I spoke to Will once and it changed my whole perspective of my life. It sounds exaggerated but it really isn't. Before the call, I had low expectations of myself, I didn't see the positives and only focuses on the negatives. Will has shown me a different way to see things. He helped me see the positive in what I thought was meaningless. It was truly an experience I'll never forget. That short hour was really a gateway to such a brighter future. Thank you for your help and for your time Will! It's something that I will never forget.

    Kate. Shop owner and Creative. United Kingdom

    When I first found out about Will and his coaching business in March 2015, I was running my online shop, Happy & Glorious, whilst working a four-day week at another job. Every evening, weekends and day of annual leave were taken up with work on my business, and I was struggling to move H&G forward in the limited time that I could spend on it. I had no prior experience of business coaching and had no idea what to expect from it.


    By the end of my first chat with Will, I was bursting with enthusiasm. He encouraged me to set myself a target - to be working full time on my business within a year. Although this had previously seemed like an impossible dream, it suddenly felt within reach. Will’s belief in my business and my abilities was utterly convincing, and he helped me to untangle my brain to the extent that a clear, workable plan suddenly lay before me.


    Within the next few months of coaching, I had taken on a studio and started to design my own collection of products to sell alongside the work of other British designers. A few months later, I now have my own high street shop in Cranbrook, a dream 20 years in the making!


    Through regular coaching with Will, momentum has been inevitable. It is so helpful to have a third-party sounding board, to be held accountable for my progress, and to feel that someone genuinely believes in my future. His unshakeable conviction and optimism are a constant presence in my mind; whenever an opportunity presents itself there is a little voice in my head that asks me, ‘What would Will say?’


    Although I still work around the clock on my business, to be able to dedicate all my time to it is wonderful. There are huge challenges ahead, but I now have tools to help me to approach them in a new way as a result of my coaching. I look forward to the next chapter of my business life, and to continuing my work with Will.

    Javier. Hypnotherapist. Mexico.

    Having worked with Will has been one of the wisest decisions I've ever made. It took just a couple of sessions to realize a new perspective of life.
    From switching emotions in a matter of minutes, to focus on what´s really important, he adds great value to people and has the heart and spirit to communicate it.
    Besides helped me to refresh a new feeling of responsibility and accountability, Will helped me to focus on the present moment and enjoy it by just asking one question every day: What would you LOVE to do today?
    Although it was brief, I know this is only the beginning of a beautiful journey.
    Live with passion, live with purpose, from México to Germany. All love my friend!

    Cristina. Writer. Romania

    I had the pleasure of being coached by Will and I must say that it was an amazing experience! Not only we connected so well but Will helped me, through simple questions and genuine support, to see and experience that all the walls projected by my mind were just that: illusion walls. On short: I was behind the wall before the call with Will. Now I am beyond it. Thank you so much, Will! You're great at what you do!

    Nike. Professional Singer-Songwriter. United Kingdom

    When I first started working with Will, I was working a part-time job for a charity, singing for special events (weddings, birthdays, proposal etc), tutoring and in the few spare moments trying to write my own music. I was completely overwhelmed, I didn't have enough money and was constantly worried about it.

    In 6 months I've gone from being in that place to where I am now, tutoring a few hours a week which is enough to live on and I have secured special event bookings for most of the year so I also have funds to invest in my career as a songwriter.

    But the best thing is that I've just set myself a goal to write 50 song ideas by the end of May and I know it's achievable because I have free time every single day till then to work towards it. And that's all because of the change in my mindset which developed while working with Will and the tough decisions I made and ambitious challenges he set me. Will helped me to understand that so much more is possible that what I previously believed.

    I now have a life that is leaps closer to the one that I want. I have the time and space to be creative and take steps towards making a living as a singer-songwriter. Some days I wake and I can't believe I'm here.

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