• Life Coaching- It's Life Changing.


    What is Coaching?


    Simply put, Coaching is a conversation. A conversation where the focus is on YOU, the Client. Exploring your life, what changes you want to make, what reality you want to create. A Coaching conversation is different from ordinary conversations because as a Coach I am there to SERVE you, not PLEASE you. In real life, people tell us what we want to hear, they give advice, talk about themselves. Coaching is different, when I'm Coaching, I'm not talking about myself- the focus is on the client, the magic is in the person in front of me, and I'm there to invite the Magic out. The way I do this?

    By listening. Understanding the world my client lives in. Often, I'm silent. When I do talk, it's from a place of non-judgement and I ask questions, POWERFUL questions that unlock insightful answers. Mentoring is about giving advice, Coaching isn't. Coaching is powerful because the client discovers the answers, the client decides on actions, and the client takes full responsibility when their life transforms.


    Who do I work with?


    I work with people from all over the world, made possible by the wonders of Skype. I work with young and old, people from all walks of life from Students, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Teachers, Creatives. There really isn't a certain type of person I work with, I click with many types of people and feel confident in my ability to help many types of people.

    My Clients do tend to fall into two categories though:


    1. The 'Stuck' type. People who feel confused about where they are in life or even who they are. They feel frustrated that they're not making progress, they doubt themselves resulting in a cycle of frustration and things staying the same. Together we get clear on what's causing them to feel stuck, what is really the cause and the appropriate steps to getting unstuck and getting back on track.


    2. The 'Wanting More' type. People who are happy with some areas of their life but they feel there are gaps, perhaps a missing piece of the puzzle for them is Confidence. This type of person generally seems to know WHAT they want, they're just not sure HOW to get there. Together we create a plan of action and turn the vision into a reality.


    How I choose to work with people.


    I work closely with everyone I serve as our Coaching relationship is built on foundations of commitment and trust. The minimum amount of time that I work with someone is 3 months. There are plenty of Coaches who will work with you on a 1 session basis. I choose not to- I choose to work closely with my clients as I find change happens and results appear over a long course of Coaching sessions. One Coaching conversation can have a huge impact on someone, a series of coaching conversations can be life changing. I am completely committed to everyone I work with and it's imperative those I work with must also be 100% committed to themselves and their vision.


    How can Coaching help you?

    - To set powerful goals that will excite you (if what we desire doesn't excite us- what is the point in being alive?)

    - To discover or reconnect with your purpose/your reasons WHY you want what you want


    - To give you absolute clarity on what it is you want to be, do and have in your life

    - To make you aware of what may be stopping you from achieving your goals and support you in moving past these obstacles.

    - To create a plan and steps towards achieving your goals

    - By empowering you to take action and move out of your current comfort zone

    - To equip you with tools and techniques that will get you the results you want (although I don't give advice, I will occasionally offer tools or exercises that I feel will serve you)


    - By showing just how powerful you truly are and inviting you to step into this


    Coaching is confidential, I respect your privacy so I never share who I work with, without your permission.


    Contact me below to arrange an initial consultation.


    I work Monday-Saturday and am available at various times including evenings.


    I will respond to you within 24 hours.

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