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    On this page you can purchase my audio tracks plus my signature 20-Day Living with Confidence Program.

    Guided Relaxation to De-Stress MP3
    This Guided relaxation to De-stress track (14 minutes 33 seconds) will gently guide to a deeply relaxing state where you can wash your stress away!

    Audio track will be delivered to you via Email shortly after payment has cleared via paypal.
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    Confidence Hypnosis MP3
    In this 26-minute Confidence Hypnosis, you will gently be guided to a deeply relaxing state before connecting with your most Confident self.

    Audio track will be delivered to you via Email shortly after purchase.
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    Living with Confidence 20-Day Program
    ✔ 20 days to discover the most Confident version of yourself.

    ✔ Real results in just 20 Minutes per day, each day is bite-size and packs a punch!

    ✔ Tools for Life that really work in living with more Confidence

    ✔ A better understanding of WHO you are, WHAT you want and HOW to get there

    ✔ Insights and Info from the world of CBT, Coaching, Positive Psychology, Body-language, Mindset, and Mindfulness

    ✔ Completing the 20-days knowing what is really possible for you
    Coming soon
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