Living with Confidence 20-Day Program
    20 Days to a new and confident you, kicking off again Thursday 20th September 2018.
    Are you ready to put an end to trying to build Confidence alone?
    Are you ready to try something New and with a track record of Success?


    If you're ready to learn, I'm ready to teach.

    Find out below how you can connect with your most Confident Self and transform your life.

    In just 20 days, you will:

    • Feel more Confident, more Self-Belief and more power over your life!
    • Discover what has really been holding you back from connecting with Confident feelings!
    • Learn the powerful 3-part pattern of Confidence!
    • Find out the specific mindset and beliefs required for installing unstoppable Self-Confidence!
    • Break free from the mind-made prisons of; Over-thinking, Procrastination, Self-Doubt and Self-Comparison so you can move forward and achieve your biggest goals!
    • Have several tools you can use on a daily basis for maintaining lasting Confidence!

    This was Becky's Experience...

    Why did I create the Living with Confidence Program?

    I created this Program because 5 years ago I was waking up each morning and feeling stuck.


    Stuck in my head, stuck in Self-Doubt, Stuck not knowing who I was, what I really wanted and how to get there. My Self-Confidence was rock bottom and change, ha, it seemed Impossible!


    Let me tell you, it's not. More is possible, much more. Confidence, Fulfillment, Joy, Excitement are all possible. This program contains the best of what I've learned over the last 5 years, from the hundreds of books I've read, the courses I've studied and the thousands of pounds I've invested in my own development,


    You could do what I've done and try and figure the answers out for your own




    you can take my course and in just 20 days you'll have the best of the best from my discoveries over the last 5 years.

    Our decisions shape our Destiny.


    Alan's Experience...

    What you'll need

    ✔ Time each day to dedicate towards the program, between 20- 30 minutes.


    ✔ A Journal/Pad of Paper- somewhere you can complete any written exercises as well as capturing your thoughts and insights as you go through the program.


    ✔ To give yourself full Permission to live with Confidence!

    Course Structure

    Each morning (8 am CET) over the course of the 20 days, you will receive an Email sharing the training for the day.


    Some days you will be given a written exercise to complete, sometimes a Tool for you to put into action, other days, a Challenge that will have you stepping outside of your comfort zone.


    You'll need no longer than 20/30 minutes per day. Believe me, for such a small daily investment, the return will be worth it!

    Program Breakdown

    Module 1- Clarity.

    Day #1 Your most Confident Self

    Day #2 What stops you from being your most Confident self


    Module 2- Confident Mindsets

    Day #3 Beliefs

    Day #4 Confident Mindset #1

    Day #5 Confident Mindset #2


    Module 3- The Pattern of Confidence

    Day #6 Part 1

    Day #7 Part 2

    Day #8 Part 3


    Module 4- Barrier to Confidence

    Day #9 Stuck in our heads

    Day #10 Caring about what others think of us

    Day #11 Self-Doubt

    Day #12 Self-Comparison

    Day #13 Delaying


    Module 5- Confident Communication

    Day #14 Confident Listening

    Day #15 Confident Speaking


    Module 6- Staying connected with Confidence

    Day #16 2 Powerful Tools

    Day #17 Confidence Tool #3

    Day #18 The 3 Zones

    Day #19 Confidence Maintenance

    Day #20 Reflect + Celebrate

    Your 2 Options for joining the Program

    1. Supported- £99



    - Full 20-day Program

    - Ongoing daily support via Email

    - A 1-1 60 minute Skype Coaching call with Will


    FREE Bonuses:


    - Confidence Hypnosis MP3

    - A digital copy of Will's new book Becoming Unstuck


    This level is for you if you would value having ongoing support throughout the 20 days. By joining on the Supported level, you will receive ongoing Email access to me throughout the 20 days, an opportunity to share your progress in the program and ask any questions you have about Confidence. We'll also have a 1-1 Skype Coaching session where I can help you to create an action plan for living with Confidence way after the 20 days over!

    2. Solo- £29



    - Full 20-day Program


    FREE Bonuses:


    - Confidence Hypnosis MP3

    - A digital copy of Will's new book Becoming Unstuck


    This is level is for you if you simply wish to receive and take the training, without the ongoing support and Coaching call.


    Many people choose to take the program at this level and get great results!

    Have you ever wondered what it must be like to spend a day in somebody Else's shoes?

    Somebody who feels totally Confident in themselves?

    Somebody who tells themselves ''I can''.


    Well, you can be that Somebody.

    My program presents a new opportunity for you, a chance to finally live the Self-Confidence you want and importantly, you deserve.

    Places are limited. Join today!

    Do you have Questions?

    Submit your questions below and you'll receive a response within 24 hours.

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