• I help people to create a New and Exciting Life by reconnecting them with their Confidence

  • ''I have worked with coaches before, but working with Will was a life-changing experience for me. He helped me to focus on what I really want in my life, to set healthy boundaries and get rid of limiting thought patterns. After each coaching call, something inside of me fell into the right place. It almost felt like coming home to the person I really am. Will has an awesome way of understanding people. He never judges and never gives advice. Just by asking the right questions he helped me to find my way to an almost crazy good life. Thank you so much for it, Will! It's amazing how much has changed for me throughout the last three months!” - Daniela. Germany.

    Would you like to reconnect with your Confidence and see what is really possible for you?

    I'm very specific about who I work with. My intuition will tell me whether we are a good fit or not. I work with people who are open-minded, committed to change (vs just interested in change), people who are ready and willing to create the life they have always dreamt of. Is this you? Apply for an initial consultation by filling out the form below. In the message section, share what you would most like to achieve by working with me.


    What are your dreams? What are your fears? Why now? Why me?


    I will respond within 24 hours. With Love, Will

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