• The 30-Day Confidence Challenge

    Would you like to live with more Self-confidence?

    How would you like to be given the tools and knowledge you need to really feel Confident?


    Join the 30-Day Confidence challenge.


    So WHY have I created The 30-day Confidence Challenge?

    I believe we all deserve to feel Confident. I know how painful it can be living with a lack of Confidence and I've created this challenge to guide people back to feeling connecting with their true Confident selves.


    Who is this for?


    Simply put. Anyone who wants to live with more Confidence. Men, Women, Young and Old. It's for people who can commit to 30-days of growth, people who are open to new ideas and ways of thinking and behaving. This is not for people who want a quick and easy solution. The challenge only works if the person taking it does!


    What happens in the Challenge?


    Over the 30-days I share a real variety of Confidence related tools, tips, exercises, and challenges. Every day is different... Sometimes we could be looking at Confident Body-language, the next we look at speaking with confidence, the next day I could be challenging you to step out your comfort zone, pushing you past what you thought was possible for yourself.

    Over the last 5 years, I've learned a wealth of information about Confidence, in this challenge I'm sharing the best and more effective bits covering everything from body language, communication, visualization, to mindfulness, mindset and more.


    How will it work?


    Every morning over the course of the 30-days, 'challenges' will receive an email from me where I share the task for the day. It's recommended you read the email during the morning and complete the task/exercise/challenge during the day.

    Trust me, these bite-size emails every day really do add up and by the end of the 30-days, you won't be the same person. Little steps really do add up and you'll find as you put each day into action, you look forward to what challenges the next day will bring!



    The 30 days kick off the minute you say yes and decide to take part in the challenge.


    FREE BONUSES of the Challenge


    - An opportunity to share progress and insights with me daily by replying to my emails.

    - Free access to my online training video 'Living with Passion' (Valued at £15).

    - A FREE 60-minute Confident Coaching session with me once the challenge is completed. .A time to celebrate all the wins along the way and put a plan together for living with Confidence, beyond the 30 days. (Valued at £100).


    The investment to join is just £95 and can be paid easily + securely via Paypal (in your preferred currency).


    If you have any questions at all, please send me a message and I'll be happy to answer them for you.


    All the best,




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